For the relaunch of a Homepage we were tasked with designing and creating the landing pages of the four different types of cargo transportation.

The main goal was the depiction of those scenarious frozen in time.

I had already done some airplane renderings a couple of years ago so I could implement what I’ve learned since then. Turns out it is still not that easy to get good over the cloud HDRIs. Luckily we found just that on HDRI-hub.

The Train scene was mostly setup by my colleague Hannes Frank. I did the materials and final shading.

Winter was the main theme for the truck so there had to be a ton of snow. This was mostly achieved in compositing but also via shaders on the truck, it’s tires and the ground.

The cargo ship proved to be the most complex and memory hungry because I had to create the simulation that would result in that one freeze frame. Luckily Houdini 17 had just come out at that time and featured a brand new white water solver which came quite in handy.

The ocean simulation resulted in a polygon mesh of the ocean surface with nearly 12 million polygons.

White whater where about 10 million particles based on the viewing frustum of the rendered camera.

You can look at the final result on their Homepage.

client:  Screenagers

animation & vfx:  Christoph Fasching



compositing:  Hannes Frank