After watching Particles III, an Applied Houdini Tutorial from Stephen Knipping I was eager to try something like that myself.

The result was Crag, the hammer wielding Houdini Demon (he is a standard test geo who was added in Houdini 17), smashing an electric sparky metal sphere.

Sounddesign and Compositing was done with the just released Davinci Resolve 16.

I apologize for the poor video quality, especially in the middle part of the video.
Apparantly the compression algorithm of youtube, or any current inter-frame compression format, still is too limited when it comes to bandwidth to cope with images like the ones created by me for this video. All those sparks all over the image mean that the usual method of “borrowing” parts of the image that came before and didn’t change and saving bandwidth that can be used on parts of the image that did change doesn’t work here.