"Paperworld" is a project I worked on together with Hannes Frank, a fellow 3D and compositing artist.

Music and sound design was done by KarmaTraxx®.

Mondi, the client, is a leader in packaging and paper, employing around 26,000 people across more than 30 countries.

3D modeling, animations and some of the unrolling effects where done in Cinema 4D. The unfolding effect was created with the help of Houdini Indie. Rendering was done with Arnold Render at Ranch Computing, a Renderfarm based in Paris.

While preproduction I was implementing and testing a way to procedurally unfold 3D models of the characters, the city, furniture and props in Houdini as well as working out the finer details of how to bring the clients vision to the screen. This included blocking the shots and narrowing down what the rooms would look like and what props we would need as well as designing a color scheme, lighting setups and shaders for the "paperworld".

Production was split between Hannes Frank and me.
He worked on the rooms for Virginia Woolf and Mozart, created most of the St. Petersburg Set and was in charge of the compositing.
I worked on the characters and their animations, the rooms for Galileo and the App developers, camera animation as well as timing and implementing the unfolding effects.

client:  Mondi Group
animation & vfx:  Christoph Fasching


  • refine and finalize the existing concept
  • develop a system in houdini for procedural unfolding
  • define and create the paper look of the world
  • design, model, rig and animate the characters
  • design, model and dress rooms
  • remodel parts of st. petersburg
  • foliage and sea of st. petersburg
  • blocking the scenes
  • camera animation
  • shading / lighting
  • rendering / management


compositing:  Hannes Frank

sound design & music:  KarmaTraxx®

Storyboard Example

Galileo Galilei

Making-of Material

Galileo Galilei

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Virginia Woolf

App Developers

St. Petersburg